This is the Official Kaylee site.

I'm a professional model, actress, and singer

i really done care about what you think of me, if you dont like that's your problem not mine so keep it to your self. Nobody wants to hear what you have to say if its not nice dont say it.

  Hello, my names kaylee i am 20 years old i am from the Aberdeen and Hoquiam area of Grays Harbor. I have a boyfriend and 2 brothers Ronnie who is 24 and Skylar who is 6 neither of them live with me. I have been doing acting ,model, and singing since i was a little kid maybe about 3rd grade.

     Ronnie is my older brother he lives with grandma and grandpa. He has lived with grandma and grandpa since we were little and that is where he remains at. We are close but not extremely close. Ronnie's name is Kreig but i have always called him Ronnie.      

     Skylar is like a little brother but if you ask him and you ask me we will both tell you we are sibling's. My  mom had baby sat Skylar since he was 3 months old.  We still get too see him and now we get to go see his baseball games and school things. 

    Max is my boyfriend, we met in high school and became longtime friends. i first met max on my first day of school and i happened to fall on some ice and he was such a gentleman to help me up. a few years later April 9,2015 we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

     My dad Doug has had a lot of jobs in his life. i am my dads only child and i can talk to him about anything. My friends all say when they meet my dad that he is the coolest dad ever.

     My mom Mary is very different she isn't like most moms out there. All my friends think my mom is the coolest mom ever, they all say that when they meet her. my mom can two kids Ronnie and i.

     I started doing auditions in 2005 which that same year i did my first photoshoot.   i had a few jobs here and there starting from 2006-2007 mainly photoshoots, since then i have had plenty of jobs from Photoshoot's to Commercials to Movies and Shorts to TV Shows and to Singing.

     I  have a boyfriend his name is Max and we have been together since April 9, 2015. We first met each other when we were in high school where we became friends and then later in 2015 we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm glad i met max, he is the best guy ever and i love him very much.